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International Folk Dance Group

Welcome to the webpages of Nutbrook International Folk Dance Group

We are a group of dancers who meet most Thursdays (excluding holiday periods) between 8.00 and 9.30 pm at Grangewood Methodist Church in Wollaton, (4 miles West of Nottingham).  Full details of dates and our location are on the Calendar and Venue pages.

We dance a variety of International dances, selected from countries ranging from those in Western and Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Israel, Turkey, the Americas and beyond.

Many of the dances are in lines and circles, and some are partner dances or in sets.

Twice a year on a Saturday a daytime workshop is organised.  Here dances from particular countries are chosen, and taught by specialist teachers from the Society for International Folk Dancing.  In recent years courses have included teaching by Anne Leach, Chrisandra Harris, Dalila Heath, Cathy Meunier and Phil and Brenda Steventon, plus visits from abroad by Mariette van Gelder (Netherlands), Corry Verheijen (Netherlands) and Dale Hyde (Canada).  See the Day courses page for details.

SIFD logo  We are affiliated to The Society for International Folk Dancing.

Nutbrook IFDG began in January 1979, and is still enjoying a great variety of dances from many countries.  Over the years, Gill and Celia (who were both founder members) have collected dances from many countries, many courses, and many dance teachers, and have built up an extensive repertoire of dances.

We dance to a variety of rhythms, to existing music, which includes music from all over the world, for example Balkan, Israeli, French, Romanian, Greek, and many others.

Come along and join us in a rich mix of cultural dance and music with an International flavour.  You can come on your own, as a couple or any other combination.  Don't worry about the partner dances - we will ensure there is someone for you to dance with. We always welcome new members and look forward to meeting you on a Thursday evening!

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