Nutbrook International Folk Dance Group: Costs


Membership costs £10 per year.  The year runs from September to August.  Payment is due at the first meeting in September when we restart after the Summer break.  You can pay for the whole year at the start, or two amounts of £5 half yearly.  If you join between March and July, then you will be charged £5 for the remainder of that membership year.

Membership is optional.  All events are open to members and non-members.  If you come regularly, then you will save money by joining.

Thursday evenings

The cost is £3.50 for members and £4.50 for non-members and visitors.

If you are new to dancing, then the charge is £4.50 for your first visit.  Your second visit is FREE - to encourage you to come again!  Thereafter, you can choose to pay £4.50 or become a member and pay £3.50.

Day courses

Charges vary but are typically £10 for a day course, or £6 if attending for half the day.  Higher charges apply if we invite a teacher from overseas and/or if there is also an evening dance.